Womens´ leadership! –
Participation and presence in business, politics and society.

Female leadership/entrepeneurship. CEO in my own,company,, where I focus on women by designing workshops and leaderships programs, entreprenerial programs I am also an individual coach and support for leaders in politics, business and organisations. Now I am involved as strategic partner in Erasmus + project with organisations from Poland and the Czech Republic focusing on leadershipprogram for women/young girls .My formal background as a lawyer and a pioneer in coaching in Scandinavia from 2003.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Researching,training, teaching
Coaching and mentoring

Expertise sought

I am concerned about social development and is particularly concerned with equal democracy, women’s representation in society and industry as a natural part of this development.
2011 – 2015 I was the deputy mayor of Stange Municipality, in Norway, and went into the role of leader in the planning committee in Stange municipality. Nearly 20 000 people is living in Stange, an agricultur communities in Norway, 45 minutes by train from Oslo airport.