latviaflagActive Citizens Fund 2014-2021


Total allocation: €102,1 million
Allocation to Active Citizens Fund: €8,5 million

More information on the fund in the 2014-2021 period to become available on an ongoing basis.

See theEEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 fact sheet for Latvia.


NGO Programme 2009-2014
Total allocation: €72.95 million
Allocation to NGO Programme: €10.9 million 
There will be substantial support for the civil society sector through a €10.4 million fund for non-governmental organisations, and also new funding to promote decent work and dialogue between social partners and with public authorities.
There were approximately 14 000 NGOs in 2011. Most NGOs in Latvia are involved in culture and leisure, development and property management, participation in decision-making, advocacy of interests and policy-making (incl. promotion of open society, protection of interests of disabled persons, students, children, women and other vulnerable groups). 
Planned outcomes of the Programme:
  • Active citizenship fostered;
  • Provision of welfare and basic services to defined target groups increased;
  • Democratic values, including human rights, promoted;
  • Strengthened capacity of NGOs and an enabling environment for the sector promoted
The programme will be implemented in two sub-programmes:
1) NGO activity support measure. The sub-programme will receive 40% of the total re-granting. The sub-programme shall support daily activities of NGOs in the following areas: democracy and participatory democracy; human rights, including minorities' rights; good governance and transparency; combating racism, xenophobia and discrimination; environment and sustainable development; gender equality and reduction of gender-based violence.
2) NGO project measure. The sub-programme will receive 60% of the total re-granting. The sub-programme shall support NGO projects in the following thematic areas:
  • Social sector activities, including provision of welfare and basic services, local and regional NGO initiatives to reduce social inequalities and to promote social inclusion and gender-equality, including support to children and youth at risk.
  • Development of a cohesive society – intercultural dialogue and integration of national minorities, including strengthening of human rights and national identity, awareness-raising informative and educational activities on citizenship issues and language training promoting democratic participation, prevention of discrimination, promotion of tolerance and acquisition of citizenship.
Pre-defined project
Project title: "Support to sustainable civil society development and improvement of the monitoring system in Latvia"
Project Promoter: Civic Alliance-Latvia,
Partner: Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation
  1. Research work of NGO sector
  2. Development of human security concept and NGOs role strengthening
  3. The NGO sector monitoring system development
Partners: NGOs registered in the Republic of Latvia, donor states, EEA beneficiary states or the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus; a public administration entities registered in Latvia, donor states and other EEA beneficiary countries (these partners cannot have more than 20% of the total eligible expenditure of the project).
Bilateral cooperation
There will be several measures to support for partnership development and project preparation; support for further partnership development and experience exchange. Activities targeted at the search for partners for donor partnership projects prior to or during the preparation of a project application, the development of such partnerships and the preparation of an application for a donor partnership project.
Call for proposals 
1st call: November 2012
2nd call: July 2013
3rd call: October 2014
Programme Operator
Society Integration Foundation
Address: Brivibas street 40-39, Riga, LV-1050
Contact Person: Alda Sebre
Head of Projects Department
Phone: +371 67078204
E-mail: alda.sebre [at]
Resources and more information
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