11 May 2017

Norge og Estland signerer samarbeidsavtale om EØS-midlene

Norge og Estland er sammen om et grønt, konkurransedyktig og inkluderende Europa. 68 millioner euro skal styrke norsk-estisk samarbeid og bistå Estland med å håndtere sosiale og økonomiske utfordringer.

05 Feb 2016

Overview of bilateral relations projects in Estonia

One of the goals of EEA and Norway Grants in the current programming period is to strengthen bilateral relations between beneficiary countries and donor states. The Estonian NGO program operator offers Estonian organizations the opportunity to engage new partners from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

23 Nov 2015

Estonia: support for developing bilateral relations with Norway

The Estonian programoperator of the NGO Programme calls for applications from Estonian civil society organisations to engage new partners from Norway and provides financial support for that purpose. International organisations may also be involved in the activity. This in an opportunity for Norwegian organizations to contribute to the development of measures addressed to improve the integration process of refugees in Estonia and reduce extremism in all its forms by providing knowledge, expertise and good examples and develop grounds for future cooperation.   

09 Oct 2014

Estonia: Apply now for small-scale projects

Estonian NGOs can now apply for EEA Grants funding for small scale projects with the aim of strengthening the capacity of NGOs and promoting an enabling environment for the sector. The deadline is 1 December 2014. 

23 May 2014

Creating an inclusive and barrier-free society in Estonia

Through advocacy, the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People and their partners will improve the accessability and usability of buildings in Estonia. 


31 May 2014

Fall 2014: New calls for proposals

Would you like to implement projects in Central Europe? New calls for proposals under the NGO Programme of the EEA Grants will be launched in the second half of 2014.  


15 Apr 2014

Promoting democracy and strenghtening the role of NGOs in Estonia

The NGO Programme in Estonia focuses on three challenges in civil society: The role of NGOs in fostering democratic values, the advocacy and watchdog role of civil society organisations and capacity building of NGOs. 


06 Nov 2013

Apply now for small grant projects in Estonia

NGOs in Estonia can now apply for small grants for projects that aim to strenghten civil society in Estonia. Projects could for instance improve volunteering, strenghten partnerships across sectors, foster learning and improve governance in membership organisations. The deadline for project proposals is 10th of December, 2013

24 Apr 2013

Seed-money for cooperation development between Estonian and donor states' entities

Next open calls for projects under the EEA Grants NGO Fund in Estonia will be announced in September, 2013. Estonian NGOs which are planning a cooperation project with entities from Norway, Island or Liechtenstein, may apply for seed-money provided for supporting bilateral partnerships. Applications should be submitted by May 27, 2013.


27 Feb 2013

36 Civil Society projects to start in Estonia

In a press release, Open Estonia Foundation declares the first open calls of NGO Fund a success, with 36 projects to start in March. The projects include anti-discrimination work, refugee advocacy, programs for youth participation in democratic politics and community-friendly town development. The next open calls from the NGO Fund in Estonia will be announced in September this year.