13 May 2014

Providing better opportunities for hearing impaired persons in Slovakia

The Slovak organisation EFFETA - Center of St. Francis of Sales provides hearing impaired persons with equal opportunities and help in integration into society. To improve the situation for their target group in Slovakia, they are currently implementing an EEA Grants project with two Norwegian partners, entitled "No fear to understanding"


09 May 2014

Developing media competence amongst young people in Romania to fight discrimination and hate speech

A Norwegian and a Romanian organisation are now working together to improve the overall mass media climate by fighting hate speech and discrimination against minority groups.


23 Mar 2014

Contributing to social inclusion and anti-discrimination in Latvia

The Latvian Red Cross is currently implementing three projects together with their Norwegian partner to reduce social exclusion and discrimination across Latvia. 


17 Mar 2014

Start of Bulgarian-Norwegian sustainability cooperation

Miglena Gerasimova and Peter Zaharinov from Forum Urban Alternatives Foundation visited Oslo last week to prepare a project application for an EEA Grants project in cooperation with their Norwegian partner the Ideas Bank.


13 Mar 2014

Promotion of female entrepreneurship in Portugal

The Portuguese association for education and entrepreneurship (PEEP - Educar para Empreender) have just started implementing an EEA Grants-financed project to promote female entrepreneurship in Portugal.

16 Feb 2014

Advocating for human rights and a more inclusive society in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the most homophobic countries in the EU, according to a report by the Fundamental Rights Agency. The Baltic Pride events have generated huge controversy, with anti-Pride protestors trying to disrupt the event and restrictions put in place by the municipality of Lithuania. With EEA Grants funding, one organisation is trying to make Lithuania a more inclusive society. 

05 Feb 2014

Norwegian – Greek cooperation in the asylum field

A Greek and a Norwegian organisaton have been working together for many years, and are now hoping that the EEA Grants will provide them with the opportunity to continue their partnership. Below they share their experiences on how to build a successful partnership.


09 Dec 2013

New ideas for psychiatric care in Hungary through an internship in Norway

Civil society professionals from Hungary are currently doing internships in Norway and Iceland with the support of the EEA Grants. The aim of the internship is to support Hungarian NGO professionals to visit and learn from the practical experience of working with an NGO in the donor states. "The internship in Norway given me a good overview of the Norwegian psychiatric system and new inspiration and ideas which I plan to implement in Hungary upon my return," says Zsofia Hetesi. 

06 Nov 2013

Supporting civil society across Europe

The Norwegian organisation Change the World is involved in building a stronger civil society across Europe. Read more about their approach to partnerships and their projects.  


30 Sep 2013

Preservation of cultural heritage around a unique lake in Slovenia

The southwestern part of Slovenia is home to a unique lake which changes from a dry flat karst plain to the largest lake surface in Slovenia throughout the year. In fact, it is also the largest disappearing lake in the world. A lake with such unique features has of course influence the way of life around the lake. An EEA and Norway Grants project contributed to preserving this.