03 Dec 2014

Exchanging practices on support for young LGBT people in Lithuania and Norway

A Lithuanian LGBT organisation was recently in Oslo to learn more from their Norwegian counterpartner on what kind of services they offer for young people. The visit was funded by the EEA Grants.  


25 Nov 2014

Speaking up against online and offline hate

Studies carried out by the Council of Europe show that three fourths of the Internet users experienced hate speech. This also affects students. The web is their natural environment – over 90% of teenagers are registered on at least one social media site, whereas 68% of them spend 2-3 hours a day online. No one should feel attacked or insulted because of their ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation and gender identity. This project aims to enable students to recognise hate speech and respond to it in the right manner.


14 Nov 2014

Norwegian – Portuguese cooperation improving the lives of patients with rare diseases

The Norwegian organisation Frambu Resource Centre for Rare Disorders has for nearly two years cooperated with Rarissimas, an organisation for rare diseases in Portugal. The cooperation is funded by the EEA Grants, and an important task has been to contribute to the start-up of a centre for rare diseases in Portugal.


10 Nov 2014

Launch of report on services for human trafficking victims in Romania and Norway

The Romanian association Pro Refugiu is currently implementing a project to improve services for victims of human trafficking.To support with this project, Pro Refugiu has found allies both in Norway and Romania, including Pro Sentret Norway. Recently, they launched a report which describes the situation of human trafficking and the services offered to victims in both Romania and Norway.


02 Nov 2014

Empowering citizens to meet new social challenges

Spain was severely hit by the financial crisis. Baralkaldo, a city just outside of Bilbao in Northern Spain, used to have a lot of industry but is now suffering from decline. The Spanish organisation Fundación de Trabajadores de la Siderurgia Integral, the local city council and the Norwegian organisation the Idea's Bank are now promoting volunteering as a way of reducing the effects of welfare cuts and unemployment through a joint project.

02 Nov 2014

Exporting anger management to the Czech Republic

Reduction of domestic violence in the Czech Republic has so far mainly focused on the victims. Now, a Norwegian organisation is sharing their method on how to train men in anger management skills with Czech therapists.



26 Oct 2014

Sharing good practices on education of children with hearing impairment

A Lithuanian organisation is currently proposing an early intervention model for children with hearing impairment based on Norwegian experiences. 


13 Oct 2014

Adapting to climate change in the Czech Republic using Norwegian experiences

Concrete examples of how Norway has adapted to climate change will now be published and disseminated throughout the Czech Republic.


25 Sep 2014

Strengthening democracy 25 years after the Velvet Revolution

The Czech Republic celebrates the 25 year anniversary of the peaceful transition to democracy this year. Yet, there is still room for developing and strengthening democracy in the country.


23 Sep 2014

My rights – active participation in Lithuania

"Lithuanian society is missing essential knowledge about human rights due to a lack of systematic access to human rights information. The information on where to seek for help and look for advise when your rights are violated is scattered among different web pages of different institutions," Birute Sabatauskaitė and Egle Urbonaite from Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights explains.


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