27 Oct 2015

Norwegian model for integrated work with migrants in Romania

ICAR Foundation proposes an innovative approach of the services provided to migrants, by adapting successful practical models from the Scandinavian countries to the local context in Romania.

23 Sep 2015

Living libraries and human books - an Amnesty project

According to a report published by the Czech Helsinki Committee in 2013, there has been a deterioration in the social climate in Czech society, with intolerance, hatred, xenophobia and racism rising. Media coverage is often such that it perpetuates xenophobic and racist public discussion, including that which occurs in cyberspace.

01 Sep 2015

Developing green innovators of the future

A gym that produces electricity and a system for adopting beehives were among the ideas developed jointly by Bulgarian and Norwegian youth. The cooperation aimed at strengthening the teaching of entrepreneurship in schools.

06 Aug 2015

Storytelling - between Portugal and Norway

In the context of the bilateral cooperation promoted by the EEA Grants, a delegation of the Instituto P. António Vieira (IPAV), from Portugal, promoter organization of the project Ubuntu Lives, visited Oslo. This is their story.

01 Jul 2015

Norwegian, Icelandic and Portuguese partnership for green entrepreneurship and employability

JEVE – Youth Program for Green Entrepreneurship and Employability aims to support young people to find a new professional opportunity, by developing entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in the Green Economy.

03 Jun 2015

Young foreigners face school realities in Poland

A project designed to bridge a gap in the education system in Poland seeks to develop a communication tool to help non-Polish speaking students improve their performance in Polish schools.

02 Jun 2015

Walls or bridges for democracy and citizens’ participation? Find out at the Citizen Participation University

Citizen Participation University (CPU) is a relatively new professional training activity initiated by the Central and Eastern European Citizens Network, Civil College Foundation and its partners.

21 May 2015

Democracy and Civic Participation. The Role of Non-governmental Organizations - Bulgaria

"If there are deficits in the political representation, we should look for the cause in society, because it is the citizens who have the final word. The stronger the voice of the citizens, the fairer and the more responsible the political representation".

20 May 2015

Beautiful campaign video on the International Day Against Homophobia

Two people holding hands are passing you by, just an average couple in the street. Are you surprised? Surely not, you might even smile back to them. And what if this couple is two men or two women, would you smile the same way?



20 May 2015

Bagels for tolerance

A delegation of the Jewish Community in Lithuania carried out a study visit to Oslo, Norway with the aim to strengthen the network of the community in order to encourage tolerance and prevent anti-Semitism and public hatred at international levels.

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