14 Apr 2015

Norwegian-Czech cooperation in assisting victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse

Non-profit organization Persefona z.s., like other similar organizations in the Czech Republic, contributes to improving the lives of its clients, both female and male, through professional legal, psychological, and social work counseling. However, Persefona differs from other groups in that they focus on the principles of the provision of such services and the approach taken toward such clients.

29 Jan 2015

Norwegian methodology to help children from disadvantaged communities in Slovakia

About 20 teachers and community workers dealing with children of preschool age from socially disadvantaged communities were introduced to the Norwegian teaching methodology "Grunnlaget" (in English "Foundation") during a seminar held in Bratislava at the end of September 2014. The methodology focuses on enhancing cognitive functions of children with learning difficulties.


02 Nov 2014

Exporting anger management to the Czech Republic

Reduction of domestic violence in the Czech Republic has so far mainly focused on the victims. Now, a Norwegian organisation is sharing their method on how to train men in anger management skills with Czech therapists.



13 Oct 2014

Adapting to climate change in the Czech Republic using Norwegian experiences

Concrete examples of how Norway has adapted to climate change will now be published and disseminated throughout the Czech Republic.


04 Oct 2014

Second call for proposals in the Czech Republic launched

Czech NGOs can apply for funding from the Czech NGO Programme.

The deadline is 2 December. 


25 Sep 2014

Strengthening democracy 25 years after the Velvet Revolution

The Czech Republic celebrates the 25 year anniversary of the peaceful transition to democracy this year. Yet, there is still room for developing and strengthening democracy in the country.


17 Sep 2014

Developing bilateral partnerships ahead of the next call for proposals in the Czech Republic

On 23 September, representatives from civil society in the Czech Republic, Norway and Iceland met to explore potential partnerships. 


29 Jul 2014

Czech Republic: 5.6 million euros allocated to civil society

The results of the first call for proposals under the Czech NGO Programme are now available.


27 Jan 2014

Funding opportunities for Czech NGOs

The Czech NGO Programme was recently launched and Czech NGOs can now apply for funding. The programme should become one of the significant tools providing funding to NGO activities in the Czech environment in the upcoming years (2014-2016), thus contributing not only to resolution of current problems, but as well to capacity building and empowerment of NGOs.

01 Oct 2013

Lauch of the Czech NGO Programme

The Czech NGO Programme was launched in Prague on 24 September. The objective of the NGO Programme is to strengthen civil society development and to provide support to social justice, democracy and sustainable development. The total funding available is 8.4 million euros.